On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 07:46:49PM +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> > We've already found the lines of interest to the user. It would be nice
> > if we could somehow point the pager at them by number, rather than
> > repeating the (slightly incompatible) search.
> FWIW it is exactly that type of "I want your patch to do more than you do"
> type of comments that makes it impossible for myself to contribute patches
> anymore. It just does not fit inside my Git time budget anymore.

I'm sorry you took it that way. What I meant to say was "it would be
nice if we could do it this other way, which is more robust, but I don't
think it is easy.  Let's take the patch". I.e., when I later said:

>>> But as is, it's an improvement, so (except that "-i" should be
>>> replaced by "-I") it seems like a good change.
>>Agreed. Thanks for the list of problematic options.

the "agreed" there is with "it seems like a good change".

And I also wanted to point people to existing work, if they did want to
explore doing it that other way.  I really didn't expect anything from
you (beyond s/i/I/, as Jonathan suggested).

> Besides, it breaks exactly the intended usage. My intent is not just to
> see the matching lines in the pager, but to be able to adjust the search
> pattern further if needed. Your suggestion completely breaks that usage.

Thanks, this is a point I hadn't considered.

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