Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

>> Jonathan Nieder <> writes:
>> >>> +                if (opt.ignore_case && !strcmp("less", pager))
>> >>> +                        string_list_append(&path_list, "-i");
>> >>
>> >> I have a feeling that this goes against the recent trend of not
>> >> mucking with the expectation of the users on their pagers, if I
>> >> recall correctly the arguments for dropping S from the default given
>> >> to an unconfigured LESS environment variable.
>> >
>> > It's just missing an explanation.
>> > ...
>> > (That's -I, not -i, because it ought to work even when the pattern
>> > contains capital letters.)
>> Spot on.  The change, especially with "-I", makes sense.
> Except that it was not tested with -I. If you change it that way and it
> stops working on Windows, it's useless to me.

That is all true, and I didn't test on Windows, but it seems that
the feature is very old in the upstream that we can rely on, so
let's take Jonathan's explanation and queue somethink like this.

-- >8 --
From: Johannes Schindelin <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 00:17:24 -0600
Subject: [PATCH] git grep -O -i: if the pager is 'less', pass the '-I' option

When <command> happens to be the magic string "less", today

        git grep -O<command> -e<pattern>

helpfully passes +/<pattern> to less so you can navigate through
the results within a file using the n and shift+n keystrokes.

Alas, that doesn't do the right thing for a case-insensitive match,

        git grep -i -O<command> -e<pattern>

For that case we should pass --IGNORE-CASE to "less" so that n and
shift+n can move between results ignoring case in the pattern.

The original patch came from msysgit and used "-i", but that was not
due to lack of support for "-I" but it merely overlooked that it
ought to work even when the pattern contains capital letters.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: Stepan Kasal <>
Helped-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
 builtin/grep.c | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/builtin/grep.c b/builtin/grep.c
index 63f8603..c0573d0 100644
--- a/builtin/grep.c
+++ b/builtin/grep.c
@@ -876,6 +876,9 @@ int cmd_grep(int argc, const char **argv, const char 
                if (len > 4 && is_dir_sep(pager[len - 5]))
                        pager += len - 4;
+               if (opt.ignore_case && !strcmp("less", pager))
+                       string_list_append(&path_list, "-I");
                if (!strcmp("less", pager) || !strcmp("vi", pager)) {
                        struct strbuf buf = STRBUF_INIT;
                        strbuf_addf(&buf, "+/%s%s",
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