Thomas Braun wrote:

> pushing over the dump git protocol with a windows git client.

I've never heard of the dump git protocol.  Do you mean the git
protocol that's used with git:// URLs?

> Alternative approaches considered but deemed too invasive:
> - Rewrite read/write wrappers in mingw.c in order to distinguish between
>   a file descriptor which has a socket behind and a file descriptor
>   which has a file behind.

I assume here "too invasive" means "too much engineering effort"?

It sounds like a clean fix, not too invasive at all.  But I can
understand wanting a stopgap in the meantime.

> - Turning the capability side-band-64k off completely. This would remove a 
> useful
>   feature for users of non-affected transport protocols.

Would it make sense to turn off sideband unconditionally on Windows
when using the relevant protocols?

I assume someone on the list wouldn't mind writing such a patch, so I
don't think the engineering effort would be a problem for that.

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