Am 19.05.2014 21:33, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:

Thomas Braun wrote:

pushing over the dump git protocol with a windows git client.

I've never heard of the dump git protocol.  Do you mean the git
protocol that's used with git:// URLs?

You are right I mean the protocol involving git:// URLs. But unfortunately I got it wrong as according to [1] the git:// is one of the so-called smart protocols. That was also the source where I read that there are smart and dump protocols.


Alternative approaches considered but deemed too invasive:
- Rewrite read/write wrappers in mingw.c in order to distinguish between
   a file descriptor which has a socket behind and a file descriptor
   which has a file behind.

I assume here "too invasive" means "too much engineering effort"?

It sounds like a clean fix, not too invasive at all.  But I can
understand wanting a stopgap in the meantime.

No actually I meant too invasive in the sense of "requiring large rewrites which only benefit git on windows and hurt all others".

The two fixes I can think of either involve:
- In a read *and* write wrapper the need to check if the fd is a socket, if yes use send/recv if no use read/write. According to Erik's comments this should be possible. But I would deem the expected performance penalty quite large as that will be done in every call. - Rewriting read/write to accept windows handles instead of file descriptors. Only a theoretical option IMHO.

For me the goal is also to minimise the diff between git and msysgit/git.

- Turning the capability side-band-64k off completely. This would remove a 
   feature for users of non-affected transport protocols.

Would it make sense to turn off sideband unconditionally on Windows
when using the relevant protocols?

Yes, if this would be also acceptable for git.git.

I can check at the call site of send_pack in transport.c what protocol is in use, and then pass a new parameter use_sideband to it. Or maybe "adapt" server_capabilities in connect.c to not include side-band-64k if using git:// ?

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