I am rebasing a branch to combine a couple of commits. One is a revert of a previous commit. Since there are commits in-between, I do "squash" to make sure I get everything, and then add the actual change on top of that. The problem is that rebase stops with a confusing error message (from commit, presumably):

  $ git rebase --interactive
  You asked to amend the most recent commit, but doing so would make
  it empty. You can repeat your command with --allow-empty, or you can
  remove the commit entirely with "git reset HEAD^".
  rebase in progress; onto 342b22f
  You are currently rebasing branch 'mybranch' on '342b22f'.

  No changes

  Could not apply 4682a1f20f6ac29546536921bc6ea0386441e23e... Revert "something"

OK, so I should retry the command with --allow-empty, then:

  $ git rebase --interactive --allow-empty
  error: unknown option `allow-empty'

Nope, that's not quite right.

Running "git rebase --continue" does work as expected, but perhaps it just shouldn't stop in this case?

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/
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