On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:57 PM, Peter Krefting <pe...@softwolves.pp.se> wrote:
> Phil Hord:
>> What does it mean when you say it worked as expected?  Did it leave
>> the empty commit, omit the empty commit, or leave some un-squashed
>> commit?
> Actually, it did not work as expected I noted afterward, it just dropped the
> reversion commit, and did not squash the next commit into it as I had asked,
> so from three commits, "change", "revert", "new-change" I had two, "change",
> "new-change" with the end result being the same (i.e., instead of squashing
> all three into one "new-change", I had "change" and "revert" +
> "new-change").

Did you have a series of three commits being squashed in your to-do
list?  I mean, did you have a list like this:

   pick ...  do foo
   squash ...  revert "do foo"
   squash ...  What I really meant to do.

I suppose the rebase stopped after the first squash failed due to the
emptiness of the proposed result.  Then rebase --continue proceeded,
having decided that you were finished with the 'revert' commit.  Then
... I would expect the next commit would actually be squashed, but I
can only speculate at the reasons it might have decided not to after
your continue.

This actually sounds like another case of a bug I reported a few weeks
ago[1] and which Fabian Ruch was kindly investigating[2] and trying to
fix.  I don't think his fix would have helped in this case, but I do
think it is worthy of consideration for that same patch series.

>> It's not clear to me what --continue _should_ do in this case, but it does
>> seem like the two options here should be
> I sort of expect a squashed commit of "change" + "revert" to be an empty
> commit, and of "change" + "revert" + "new-change" to be a commit of
> "new-change".

Yes, but empty commits are discouraged on some projects.  If you want
your "change + revert = empty" commit to appear after the squash, I
would expect you would want to use --keep-empty on your inital rebase
command.  But I'm not sure that will do what you expected either; it
may only keep previously-empty commits during the rebase.

[1] http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/245688
[2] http://www.mail-archive.com/git%40vger.kernel.org/msg51703.html
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