Phil Hord:

What does it mean when you say it worked as expected?  Did it leave
the empty commit, omit the empty commit, or leave some un-squashed

Actually, it did not work as expected I noted afterward, it just dropped the reversion commit, and did not squash the next commit into it as I had asked, so from three commits, "change", "revert", "new-change" I had two, "change", "new-change" with the end result being the same (i.e., instead of squashing all three into one "new-change", I had "change" and "revert" + "new-change").

It's not clear to me what --continue _should_ do in this case, but it does seem like the two options here should be

I sort of expect a squashed commit of "change" + "revert" to be an empty commit, and of "change" + "revert" + "new-change" to be a commit of "new-change".

\\// Peter -
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