On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 01:04:32AM -0700, Jeremiah Mahler wrote:

> > After looking at the patches I suspect this should be a single patch.
> > That way it's bisectable, and the changes outside of read-cache.c are
> > small enough that it's not too much of a burden to review as a single
> > patch.
> > 
> That would be a pain to bisect if the partial application of the patch
> set left the system in a broken state.  Good suggestion.

One trick I use, especially when refactoring, is to use an interactive
rebase to test each commit in isolation, like:

  GIT_EDITOR='sed -i "/^pick .*/aexec make -j8 test"' git rebase -i

After picking each commit, that will run the tests on each one[1]. If it
fails, the rebase will pause. You can fix any problems, test to your
satisfaction, "commit --amend", and then "rebase --continue" to keep


[1] Of course it can be rather time-consuming for a large series. I
    often just compile-test at first, and then do a final "make test"
    pass when I think everything is right.
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