Am 05.07.2014 12:48, schrieb Duy Nguyen:
> On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 5:42 AM, Karsten Blees <> wrote:
>> 'git status' segfaults if a directory is longer than PATH_MAX, because
>> processing .gitignore files in prep_exclude() writes past the end of a
>> PATH_MAX-bounded buffer.
>> Remove the limitation by using strbuf instead.
>> Note: this fix just 'abuses' strbuf as string allocator, len is always 0.
>> prep_exclude() can probably be simplified using more strbuf APIs.
> FYI I had a similar patch [1] that attempted to lazily strbuf_init()
> instead so that strbuf_ API could be used.
> [1]

Sorry, I missed that one.

In my version, strbuf_grow() does the lazy initialization (in fact, many
strbuf_* functions can handle memset(0) strbufs just fine).

I was simply too lazy to understand (again) how prep_exclude works exactly, and
as string calculations like that have the tendency to be just 1 char off, I went
for the obviously correct solution (i.e. s/dir->basebuf/dir->base.buf/ plus
strbuf_grow() before we write the buffer).

But IMO your version is much cleaner already.

However, api-strbuf.txt says that buf != NULL is invariant after init, and
alloc is "somehow private" :-) , so perhaps you should

-       if (!dir->basebuf.alloc)
+       if (!dir->basebuf.buf)
                strbuf_init(&dir->basebuf, PATH_MAX);

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