Am 09.07.2014 18:33, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Karsten Blees <> writes:
>> 'git status' segfaults if a directory is longer than PATH_MAX, because
>> processing .gitignore files in prep_exclude() writes past the end of a
>> PATH_MAX-bounded buffer.
>> Remove the limitation by using strbuf instead.
>> Note: this fix just 'abuses' strbuf as string allocator, len is always 0.
>> prep_exclude() can probably be simplified using more strbuf APIs.
> In addition to what Jeff already said, I am afraid that this may
> make things a lot worse for normal case.  By sizing the strbuf to
> absolute minimum as you dig deeper at each level, wouldn't you copy
> and reallocate the buffer a lot more, compared to the case where
> everything fits in the original buffer?

strbuf uses ALLOC_GROW, which resizes in (x+16)*1.5 steps (i.e. 24, 60, 114,
195, 316...). Max path len in git is 85, and linux and WebKit are 170ish. I
don't think three or four extra reallocs per directory traversal will be

Anyways, I'd like to kindly withdraw this patch in favor of Duy's version.
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