Am 12.07.2014 00:29, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Karsten Blees <> writes:
>> Anyways, I'd like to kindly withdraw this patch in favor of Duy's version.
> Thanks; I've already reverted it from 'next'.
> Is Duy's patch still viable?

I think so. It fixes the segfault with long paths on Windows as well
(Tested-by: <me>), uses strbuf APIs as Peff suggested, and initializes the
strbuf with PATH_MAX (i.e. no reallocs in the common case either ;-) ).

AFAICT the first two patches of that series are also completely unrelated
to the untracked-cache, so we may want to fast-track these?

[01/20] dir.c: coding style fix
[02/20] dir.h: move struct exclude declaration to top level
[03/20] prep_exclude: remove the artificial PATH_MAX limit

...perhaps with s/if (!dir->basebuf.alloc)/if (!dir->basebuf.buf)/

@Duy any reason for not signing off that series?

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