Hello Karsten,

thanks for your analysis.  Most of the patches you refer to are simply
switching off tests for MINGW; let me comment on the remaining ones:

> * t0110-urlmatch-normalization: 1
> Passing binary data on the command line...would have to
> teach test-urlmatch-normalization.c to read from stdin or file.
> https://github.com/msysgit/git/commit/be0d6dee

Indeed, that would be better solution.  For now, I'm going to submit the
switch-off patch you mention.

> * t4036-format-patch-signer-mime: 1
> Passing non-ASCII by environment variable, will be fixed by Unicode
> environment support.

Will submit that patch series soon.

> * t7001-mv: 6
> cp -P fails in MinGW - perhaps use the long option forms (--no-dereference)?

"cp -P" fails with our 2001-edition of cp, so msysgit had to revert:

But I was ashamed to mention that upstream; and I hope mingwGitDevEnv is
going to solve that.

> * t8001-annotate/t8002-blame: 5
> Msys.dll thinks '-L/regex/' is an absolute path and expands to 
> '-LC:/msysgit/regex/'.
> https://github.com/msysgit/git/commit/2d52168a

Nice!  But I'm afraid the patch cannot be submitted upstream as it is.

I think the hack could be automated by processing options "-L*" this way:
    sed 'sX\(^-L\|,\)\^\?/X&\\;*Xg'
Then it would become only few lines at the top of the script, executed
on mingw only.
I hope to submit the patch in this form soon.

Have a nice day,
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