Bryan Turner <> writes:

> It looks like refs ending in a dot are now legal in 2.1.0? Is that
> intentional? A quick git bisect is fingering:
> bturner@ubuntu:~/Development/oss/git/git$ git bisect bad
> 745224e04a03e4544c58d5d38d3c54f67100f8eb is the first bad commit
> commit 745224e04a03e4544c58d5d38d3c54f67100f8eb
> Author: David Turner <>
> Date:   Wed Jun 18 01:54:42 2014 -0400

Thanks for a report.

I am tempted to revert that series; it already caused "oops, this
needs a further fix" before it hit 'master' at least once, and we do
not want any more headaches at this point in the release cycle.
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