Hi brian,
Thanks for your quick reply.

I downloaded git 1.9.0 from the site 
Does it mean the package available at above location has built with specific 
version of OpenSSL. How can I find out which OpenSSL version is used in the 
packages available at the above location.

Could you please suggest the site from where I need to download git for AIX OS.
Who are the vendors of git so that I will check how to proceed on this.


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> Hi,
> I am writing below couple of questions. If it is not the right place 
> to ask please ignore and suggest me what to do to get the help on 
> these questions.
> 1) What version of SSL is supported by GIT 1.8.3 or GIT 1.9.0

The INSTALL file doesn't mention a particular OpenSSL version that we require, 
but I know that it works with versions as old as 0.9.8 and as new as 1.0.1g.  
It may work with still older versions, but I recommend
1.0.1 or newer as it gives you proper TLS 1.2 support.

> 2) I have installed git 1.8.3 in AIX server 6.1 TL8 SP2. It worked 
> fine and able to extract code from git repository directly as well as 
> from ant. Everything went well.
> Recently Aix OS upgraded to 6100-09-01-1341. After OS upgrade my git 
> commands are not working. Basic help and version works fine as 
> expected. When I try to pull the code from git repository it give SSL 
> library compatibility issue.
> The error is
> OpenSSL version mismatch. Built agains 1000105f, you have 100000bf
> fatal: Could not read from remote repository

OpenSSL 1.0.0 (which you were using before) and OpenSSL 1.0.1 are binary 
compatible if compiled with the same flags, but they contain a hard version 
check that fails if they're not the same version.

This means you need to recompile git against the newer OpenSSL version, or ask 
your vendor to patch this check out.  This is true for any program that gives 
you this error.

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