Jeff King wrote:

> It is unfortunately easy for our static header list to grow
> stale, as none of the regular developers make use of it.
> Instead of trying to keep it up to date, let's invoke "find"
> to generate the list dynamically.

Yep, I like this.

It does mean that people who run "make pot" have to be a little more
vigilant about not keeping around extra .h files by mistake.  But I
trust them.

> +LIB_H = $(shell $(FIND) . \
> +     -name .git -prune -o \
> +     -name t -prune -o \
> +     -name Documentation -prune -o \
> +     -name '*.h' -print)

Tiny nit: I might use

        $(shell $(FIND) * \
                -name . -o
                -name '.*' -prune -o \
                -name t -prune -o \
                -name Documentation -prune -o \
                -name '*.h' -print)


        $(shell $(FIND) * \
                -name '.?*' -prune -o \
                -name t -prune -o \
                -name Documentation -prune -o \
                -name '*.h' -print)

to avoid spending time looking in other dot-directories like .svn,
.hg, or .snapshot.

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