2014-08-21 22:48 GMT+08:00 Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Jeff King wrote:
>> However, we do always define $(LIB_H) as a dependency of
>> po/git.pot. Even though we do not actually try to build that
>> target, make will still evaluate the dependencies when
>> reading the Makefile, and expand the variable. This is not
>> ideal
> Would the following work?  The current dependencies for po/git.pot are
> not correct anyway --- they include LOCALIZED_C but not LOCALIZED_SH
> or LOCALIZED_PERL, so someone hacking on shell scripts and then trying
> 'make po/git.pot' could end up with the pot file not being
> regenerated.
> -- >8 --
> Subject: i18n: treat "make pot" as an explicitly-invoked target
> po/git.pot is normally used as-is and not regenerated by people
> building git, so it is okay if an explicit "make po/git.pot" always
> automatically regenerates it.  Depend on the magic FORCE target
> instead of explicitly keeping track of dependencies.

That's great, it's better than what I used to execute:

    rm po/git.pot; make pot

Jiang Xin
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