Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

>> Wouldn't it be sufficient to start digging not from "*" but from
>> "??*"?
> Gah, the * was supposed to be . in my examples (though it doesn't
> hurt).
>>      find ??* \( -name Documentation -o -name .\?\* \) -prune -o -name \*.h
> Heh.  Yeah, that would work. ;-)

Continuing useless discussion...

Actually as you are not excluding CVS, RCS, etc., and using ??* as
the starting point will exclude .git, .hg, etc. at the top, I think
we can shorten it even further and say

        find ??* -name Documentation -prune -o -name \*.h

or something.

...and time to go back to something more serious and practical.

Don't we want to exclude contrib/ by the way?
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