zabetak commented on a change in pull request #1186:

File path: 
@@ -136,17 +129,19 @@
     ObjectStore objectStore = new ObjectStore();
-    objectStore.dropTable(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db1Utbl1.getDbName(), 
-    Deadline.startTimer("");
-    objectStore.dropPartitions(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db1Ptbl1.getDbName(), 
db1Ptbl1.getTableName(), db1Ptbl1PtnNames);
-    objectStore.dropTable(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db1Ptbl1.getDbName(), 
-    objectStore.dropTable(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db2Utbl1.getDbName(), 
-    Deadline.startTimer("");
-    objectStore.dropPartitions(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db2Ptbl1.getDbName(), 
db2Ptbl1.getTableName(), db2Ptbl1PtnNames);
-    objectStore.dropTable(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db2Ptbl1.getDbName(), 
-    objectStore.dropDatabase(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db1.getName());
-    objectStore.dropDatabase(DEFAULT_CATALOG_NAME, db2.getName());
+    for (String clg : objectStore.getCatalogs()) {

Review comment:
       The `setUp` method adds things in the Metastore that are not necessarily 
needed by every test and this was the case even before my changes. In the new 
test, I added some more tables/columns cause I think it made things easier to 
understand at least for me. If I was to follow the current pattern I would have 
to add the tables, cols, partitions, etc., in the `setUp` method and then drop 
them in the `teardown` method but then they would be visible to all other tests 
as well. 
   I like the philosophy where unit tests are minimal (least possible state) 
thus I would prefer if every test starts with a clean Metastore and ends with a 
clean Metastore. I didn't change the `setUp` in order not to introduce too many 
unrelated changes but I made one step forward in the `teardown`.  
   If every test in this class was using the same state then I would definitely 
agree that the `setUp` and `teardown` methods should be the way they are right 

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