> @codebrainz @techee but what does all that code actually DO? Why has it 
> accumulated over 10 years (if thats the reason)? What benefit does it bring 
> to include it in Geany?

In fact I think it has accumulated over something like 15 years - it was first 
part of the tag manager (which is from 2001), then it was taken over and 
modified by Anjuta and then by Geany. Each project was adding its own stuff on 
top and the differences started getting bigger. I think the original fork also 
just deleted lots of lines from ctags which weren't used by TM. I could do the 
same now too but it makes the code harder to compare against uctags which is 
why I kept it and why there are 10000 more LOCs.

But there are also features we want - it's mostly things which can be used by 
parsers like a simpler mechanism to create scope information (called cork) and 
the possibility to run a subparser from a parser (I used this in the upstream 
HTML parser to use real parsers for embedded javascript and CSS).

During this year I started adding things we need in Geany into upstream ctags 
(like TM and other things) so there's not much missing there we would need in 
Geany. The ultimate goal is there's no Geany fork at all and that we just treat 
ctags similarly to Scintilla - development just upstream, taking over all the 
code once a while.

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