Not sure if it off topic if I will continue, I always have this discusses with 
GTK2 applications (or let me say Linux based applications)

"GUI applications should use the system default language."

I Don't agree

My Windows (8.1 and same for Windows XP) is English, but Geany (and all other 
GTK2 applications based) use options in Windows that give it we are using 
Arabic language, and all force us to use Arabic interface while my windows 
interface is English.

Even If I have Windows Interface is Arabic, I have right to select English for 
some Applications, especial if it Developing/Programming Application, because 

1 - RTL (Right To Left) confuses our eyes, you need to try it to feel the pain.
2 - English Interface more similar to most of programming language.
3 - Arabic language not really completed and it have too many dialects, some 
translators use his opinions in translating or local accent.

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