@techee uh isn't that what I said? "the __plugins__ "project file patterns" are 
there to define where you tag parse for symbols I presume, __not__ really 
anything to do with searching" (emphasis added)

Good point about the removal of stuff added to the Geany dialogs from outside, 
plus they would be saved if the project properties are saved at any time, lets 
not go there.

> but maybe even better is to add an entry with excluded patterns directly to 
> Geany's Project dialog plus the "enable" checkbox as you suggest.

Presumably you actually mean "extra options" since Geany FIF does not know 
about excludes.  If its taught how to handle excludes then adding them to FIF 
dialog is a no brainer.

I think @codebrainz was suggesting the checkbox next to the __plugin__ 
textboxes to tell the plugin not to add stuff to the Geany dialog. 

If its in Geany I don't see the need for a checkbox, if you don't want it used, 
don't enter it or don't select project on the FIF dialog?  

But now having that selection next to just the includes may be confusing if it 
selects something else as well.

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