@techee since the only time I have run PO was to look at this I am probably 
causing the confusion by using totally incorrect terminology.  By "plugin 
project file patterns" I mean the header/source/ignored/ignored dir entries in 
the "project organiser" tab of the project properties dialog.  IIUC these are 
plugin settings.

IIUC these are used by the plugin for gathering tags/symbols for the whole 

They have no effect on FIF as far as I can see, as I understand it, and as I 
understand you to be saying, FIF is totally a Geany function using the include 
patterns in the standard project settings.  

So what does the plugins `Project->Find in project files` menu item add?   It 
seems to just open the standard FIF dialog, and so I am saying I can see why 
its confusing to users if its part of the plugin menu items but does the same 
as the standard `Search->Find in Files` menu item.

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