@elextr No, it isn't correct. The first part of the sentence isn't correct:

>"the plugins "project file patterns" are there to define where you tag parse 
>for symbols I presume

because this is controlled by the plugin. More importantly for this case, the 
se second part of the sentence isn't correct:

> not really anything to do with searching

because this is exactly what the pattern list is for (please check the tooltip 
Geany gives you when you hover over the edit box and re-read what I have 
written in the posts above and try it in Geany).

>Presumably you actually mean "extra options" since Geany FIF does not know 
>about excludes. If its taught how to handle excludes then adding them to FIF 
>dialog is a no brainer.

I meant the second option - "teaching" Geany about excludes by adding them both 
to the Project dialog and FIF dialog.

>If its in Geany I don't see the need for a checkbox, if you don't want it 
>used, don't enter it or don't select project on the FIF dialog?

I was mentioning it because of possibly incompatible grep where it might not 
work - but yeah, the checkbox can be omitted.

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