b4n commented on this pull request.

> @@ -967,6 +1002,25 @@ static gboolean spawn_read_cb(GIOChannel *channel, 
> GIOCondition condition, gpoin
                sc->cb.read(buffer, input_cond | failure_cond, sc->cb_data);
+       /* Check for continuous activations with G_IO_IN | G_IO_PRI, without any
+          data to read and without errors. If detected, switch to timeout 
source. */
+       else if (SPAWN_CHANNEL_GIO_WATCH(sc) && status == G_IO_STATUS_AGAIN)
+       {
+               sc->empty_gio_ins++;

BTW, does the condition include `G_IO_IN | G_IO_PRI` at all? Here you use `! 
(G_IO_ERR | G_IO_HUP | G_IO_NVAL)`, which seems reasonable at first, but if 
it's a bug in GLib maybe the condition is just empty or even `G_IO_OUT`?
Anyway, that doesn't change much, just curiosity on my part.

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