b4n commented on this pull request.

> @@ -871,13 +893,24 @@ static gboolean spawn_write_cb(GIOChannel *channel, 
> GIOCondition condition, gpoi
+static gboolean spawn_read_cb(GIOChannel *channel, GIOCondition condition, 
gpointer data);
+static gboolean spawn_timeout_read_cb(gpointer data)
+       SpawnChannelData *sc = (SpawnChannelData *) data;
+       /* The solution for continuous empty G_IO_IN-s is to generate them 
outselves. :) */
+       return spawn_read_cb(sc->channel, G_IO_IN, data);

> It would have been sooo much easier if glib had source suspend/resume...

can't one simply ref the source, remove it from the context, add it back and 
unref it as a mean to pause it?

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