I apologise for jumping in with more questions, but I have at least joined
the list now.

So, ghc-2.05 finished compiling, apparently.  It didn't take much longer
than a week. :-)

I had to add GhcHcOpts=-H12m to my build file to get it to stop complaining
(12m was a guess, but the default of 6m was definitely too small).  I would
have thought this would have been added as necessary by the developers to
avoid me having to increase the size globally - it's also not the sort of
thing I would expect to know before starting the compilation.


Question 1: Why doesn't "make check" do any tests?

Question 2: Why doesn't "make install" install any docs?  

Question 3: How do I even make the docs?  Why do the docs directories
contain Makefiles that don't seem to do anything?  I've tried running
"lit2latex" on each *.lit file in the ghc/docs/users_guide directory,
which produces several *.tex files and lots of errors, but none of the
resulting .tex files contains a \document(style|class) command.  And I
don't seem to have a "literate" document style file either, though I can
see it is referenced in user.lit.

Ian Collier

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