Hi folks,

I hope there are no objections, but I requested a bug tracker for
Puppet-Gluster, and they stuck it under the GlusterFS project. I did
this because many new features and tweaks were requested, and I was
loosing track and figured I'd experiment more with BZ.

Now, if you want a feature or find a bug, I'll ask that you open a
ticket, and when I patch it, I'll ask for testing and ideally, at least
one ACK before merging to master and closing the bug.

New bugs here:

If you have issues to raise, although an email to me is probably a good
first point of contact too.

HTH, and let me know if you have any feedback about this process.


PS: The good news is that Puppet-Gluster has lots of new magic in git
master-- I haven't blogged about it all yet, but most patches typically
have documentation updates too.

PPS: Special mention if you can help me patch:

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