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>>> ... control of the domain name ...
>>> So, trust and brand value are at risk.
>> ... massive organizational clusterfsck that would ensue ...
> You should be using a local mirror!!! Update one rsync script and you're
> done.

  The various files that control package management explicitly mention
centos.org as the master all over the place.  Take a look at the
config files for YUM.  (Debian zealots, note that APT has the same

  To say nothing of the fact that, if the project had to fork, they'll
almost certainly change the very name.

> If you have lots of centos boxes, try using spacewalk, works pretty
> well.

  When I was working at a consulting firm, a lot of our work was
maintaining Linux servers, one per customer.  I never had any luck
adapting management tools to that sort of situation.  The tools all
assume strong management from a single point, which you don't have
with a consulting engagement.  Of course, that was at least six years
ago I last looked, so things could well be different now.

-- Ben
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