I'm nowhere near as familiar with FreeBSD as I am with Debian so there's 
a bit more comfort to at least debug or know where to look when things 
go wrong.  That being said, if all you're looking for is a box to host 
SMB/NFS/iSCSI then either will work fine.

Now on to concrete things that I see SCALE doing better:

I can easily get a letsencrypt SSL cert set up

bhyve is hot garbage.  guests will randomly die, lose network 
connection, can see the rest of the network but not resources on the 
host system, and if you use UEFI and Linux you're in for a world of pain 
if you ever upgrade (upgrade what? yes).  SCALE uses qemu and so far 
seems much more stable *knocks on head*

ditched jails for docker containers, much improved 'app store'

I haven't used it yet, but apparently you can use glusterfs to share 
storage across SCALE instances

To be fair, these are things that you wouldn't normally use a 
professional-grade file server for. It would serve files and that's it.  
My use case is my basement where I have a few TB of movie and audio 
files, a need for a few VMs to round out other services, want to run a 
few containers for small tasks, make sure my mom's computer 300 miles 
away backs up nightly, and don't want to have 15 boxes in my basement to 
do it all.


On 2/23/22 15:11, Jason T. Nelson wrote:
> In a previous email, Mark Komarinski (mkomarin...@wayga.org) said:
>> For everyone else, TrueNAS SCALE was released yesterday. Debian+ZFS
>> makes this a lot more useful than when it was FreeBSD based.
> I know this is a LUG list, but out of (perhaps morbid) curiosity, why "a lot 
> more useful"?
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