Ben Scott wrote:

>   On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 2:29 PM, a message from Courtney Homer
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> was posted to the gnhlug-jobs mailing list.
> It had no Linux-related content.  She quickly followed up with an
> apology to the list-owner address, saying she mistakenly sent her
> message to the wrong list.

I took it as a little off-topic humor. They were looking for a "Customer
Satisfaction Engineer" with 10 years of experience in Windows. I had to
wonder if they required a B.S. in Customer Satisfaction or an M.S.

And it was an on-topic post, in the sense it was for a computer
technician. Some of my best friends work, however regretfully, with
Windows on a daily basis. I'd rather have an employed Linux enthusiast.

>   That list originally had a "hold every post for moderation"
> configuration.  I don't know/remember how/why that got changed to
> "allow any post from any subscriber".  It might have been an oversight
> when we switched to liberty from rouge.  In any event, I've switched
> it back to the "hold every post" model, which should prevent such
> mistakes from getting through in the future.

I prefer not burdening the mailing list moderators unnecessarily. But if
you want to play gatekeeper, I appreciate it.

>   I should be able to tend the moderator queue myself (it's a very low
> traffic list), but if some other people want to volunteer to assist, I
> won't say no.  :)


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