I'm looking for an automated software installation
mechanism - I want to be able to deliver software
to my customers in such a way that they can install
it on multiple machines as painlessly as possible.

For example, one scheme I've heard of (but have been
unable to find at scyld.com or anywhere else) was
reportedly developed by the Scyld Beowolf folks and it
sounded very interesting - you could supposedly insert
a Scyld CD into each one of a bunch of machines on
your net, boot each machine from its CD, designate one
machine as Master, and they'd all then cooperatively
initialize themselves, install the software onto their
local disks and start cranking as a Beowolf cluster.

Although I'm not working with Beowolf I am involved
with clustered systems so such a scheme sounds like
it might be of interest - can anybody supply any
details, or recommend any other approach to automated,
net-based, multi-system installation?

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