Hello all,

  We now interrupt our regularly scheduled flaming to bring you the
following on-topic post.  ;-)

  I have, until now, been avoiding having anything to do with DVDs, due to
the "issues" surrounding their use.  (I was afraid I would be arrested for
turning it on or something.)  However, having watched it become the fastest
growing consumer electronics product in history, and having watched DVDs
take over the home movie industry, I have conceded defeat in this matter.

  So, I now have a DVD reader in my computer.  It does a fine job reading
audio and data CDs, but I had that before.  I would like to be able to play
movies, too.  What, if anything, do people use to watch DVDs on Linux?  
Open Source software?  Commercial software?  What experiences -- good or bad
-- have people had?  Opinions?  Gotchas?

  I basically know nothing about DVD technology, and I am hoping for some
intelligent feedback from the many fine minds on this list before I hit

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