On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Ferenc Tamas Gyurcsan wrote:

> FOr some reason, VLC does not produce acceptable speed on my hardware, and
> I'm yet to be able to figure out why. My config is pentium III/800 MHz, DVD
> speed is 5x (with the best hdparm setting it can handle), software decoder.
> Should this hardware produce acceptable speed? The only thing I can think of
> is that vlc is not able to use my 3dfx, so it's running with the basic video
> output.

That seems likely. I run Xine on a PII/667 with good results, but I have
an ATI All-In-Wonder128 32M AGP card, using the Gatos "ati.2" driver.

IIRC, VideoLAN can use several different display methods depending on the
capabilities it can discern from the X config; on my MDK 8.1 system (which
has no DVD, and Cirrus Logic video), it uses SDL for the video display.


Bill Mullen
9:19pm, 2002-07-26

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