On 1 Aug 2002, Kenneth E. Lussier wrote:
> from one drive to the other. I was thinking about taking the hard
> drives, plugging them into IDE adapters, connecting them to a regular
> PC, booting off of a Linux floppy, and dd-ing on drive onto the other.
> Has anyone had any luck doing this with 1) Windows and 2) drives with
> differeing geometries (which I don't think dd cares about)?

I've recently been doing this with norton Ghost (as it's incredibly fast, 
believe it or not - it'll also do ext2 filesystems.. anyone tried that, by 
the way?)

I recall doing this awhile back, with the only gotcha of "don't try to 
clone the partition, clone the drive".  IIRC, when I tried to clone the 
partition, I had to initialize the MBR seperately...  But it's been 
awhile, so don't quote me there.  



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