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> Hello,
> Alexander Surkov, le jeu. 05 avril 2018 14:41:42 -0400, a ecrit:
> > Isn't it accessible name computation issue?
> It's not simple for an Entry widget, see the instance:
> > "Interpret as years between 1930 and 2029"
> >
> > where "Interpret as years between" is a label, "1930" is an editable,
> > and "and 2029" is another label.
> > Usually it is author's responsibility to make a proper label for a
> > control, and thus AT don't need to know any who's first and who is
> > next.
> Making it just one label would mean rewording the whole thing to make it
> so that everything that constitutes the label can be put on the left,
> and have the text currently editted on the right.  It's not always so
> easy, and makes the "accessible" information different from what shows up
> on the screen, which is really not a good thing to do.
> > I have no LibreOffice at hands, so could you think of HTML like example
> to demo
> > the issue?
> I don't know html's aria etc. so much, but it's be something like
> <label for="entry">Interpret as years between</label>
> <input id="entry" value="1930">
> <label for="entry">and 2029</label>

<label>Interpret as years between <input value="1930"> and 2029</label>
should work in Firefox well.

If it describes your use case accurately, then author should be capable to
address the issue by placing a proper accessible name. Thus it may be felt
awkward to introduce new relations for LibreOffice only, especially because
LibreOffice will still need to expose them, and it shouldn't be necessary
easier than computing a name. It has to be other way.

> Samuel
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