Alexander Surkov, le ven. 06 avril 2018 14:56:13 -0400, a ecrit:
> It's something beyond my .ui file knowledge to comment knowingly, but it 
> sounds
> weird with me that you can add new relations into that file, but you cannot
> define an accessible name there :)

You can define a static accessible name in the .ui file, yes, but you
can't put the text of the entry there, since it's typed by the user,
thus dynamic.

> Anyway, new relations will require to change ATK standard and then add screen
> readers support, and LibreOffice may be the only one who will expose them. So
> LibreOffice-only solution has to exists, that makes developer's life easier,
> and doesn't require any standards changes.

I have seen the issue in other applications as well. For instance in
mate-terminal's profile editor, General panel, there is

Default size: 80 columns 24 rows

where 80 and 24 are editable entries. Currently there is just no
labelling so one has to know what 80 and 24 are. One could stick the
"columns" and "rows" labels respectively, but it would be useful to have
the "Default size:" label as well, to get on braille:

Default size: 80 columns


Default size: 24 rows

depending on which field is currently being edited by the user.

The same happens in the Scrolling panel:

Scrollback: 512 lines

And similarly in gnome-terminal.

And in pluma and gedit's preference dialog box, editor panel:

Autosave files every 10 minutes

In the print dialog:

Scale: 100.0 %
Number every 1 lines

I actually didn't even try hard to come up with these examples, the few
applications I tried either had this kind of issue, or didn't have any
dialog box :)

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