> - Translating such recipes will now require you to translate from your
> language to
>   another (most likely, to English).

So, if I've understood well, is the translator who has to convert the
original text of the recipe into both English and his/her language? If so,
here I see two problems:

  - Translating from Spanish/translator's language into English: might be
difficult because of names of ingredients, recipe's steps (each user might
use their own cooking language which not always will have a comprehensive
translation into English)

  - Traslating from an unknown language (for example, Polish): should I
wait Polish translators to translate the recipe into Enslish to be able to
translate it into Spanish?

Also note that tons of contributions will require tons of hours to
translate those recipes... maybe translators won't be able to afford such
task and recipes will be left in english (or other language), which is not
desirable to expand the use of this great app.

Please let me know if I've misunderstood the new flow you're proposing.
Maybe it's easier than what I've thought.

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