Þann fös  2.mar 2018 07:14, skrifaði Matthias Clasen:
- We will not really be able to validate the text ourselves anymore (to fix
   mistakes, punctuation, etc)
- Translating such recipes will now require you to translate from your
language to
   another (most likely, to English).

We were wondering what you as translators think of these ideas ?
Will you be able to help out with validating such content ?
Will translating in the 'opposite direction' be a problem ?

I seriously doubt that translating [thousands of] recipes should be within the scope of D-L translations, possibly a handful of them to populate an initial setup would be OK.

Sveinn í Felli

P.S: But in this case, I'd think about which format to use for exchanging recipes (I don't have gnome-recipes at hand); are the recipes sent in via database conduit or is it a XML-type of flat textfile?

So, fabling a bit: At least SVG-style files can have language-dependent entities, so theoretically we can have entities filled in with any available language - even if the base language (English) is not present (I think). If each recipe is in a XML-format, it could be tagged with initial language, translated languages, locale dependent units, etc. A recipe-exchange server would tag recipes with available languages, people would download recipes in a language they understand and translate to another, resync, and voilá. Users (not GNOME-translators) would populate the translations step by step - but of course nothing guarantees the quality (spelling, etc.).
We could end up by having a Wiki-eatia on our hands ;-)

Of course this necessitates a recipe-editor supporting such handling of entities, same for parsing, etc. And probably this can be achieved via a database setup.

Just thinking,

Sveinn í Felli
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