2018-03-06 12:48 UTC+01:00, Alexandre Franke <afra...@gnome.org>:
> The revert is incomplete. I’m only looking at French and I still see your
> harmful change from typographic apostrophe to single quote.

You’re right, I’ve forgotten something here, I’ll fix it and propose a
patch in the l10n product. But my revert is manually done, I don’t
know a way to check what I could have forgotten, I just know it has
mostly worked.

Question to the French translator: you say “harmful change from
typographic apostrophe to single quote”, but the “dconf-editor” French
translation uses only single quotes, sadly for me who always type with
typographic apostrophe. This change I’ve done was to have the same
apostrophe everywhere in the translation. Should I propose a patch
that change all apostrophes to typographic apostrophe? What’s the
current view of the French project?

Arnaud Bonatti
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