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> 2018-03-06 12:48 UTC+01:00, Alexandre Franke <afra...@gnome.org>:
> > The revert is incomplete. I’m only looking at French and I still see your
> > harmful change from typographic apostrophe to single quote.
> You’re right, I’ve forgotten something here, I’ll fix it and propose a
> patch in the l10n product. But my revert is manually done, I don’t
> know a way to check what I could have forgotten, I just know it has
> mostly worked.
> Question to the French translator: you say “harmful change from
> typographic apostrophe to single quote”, but the “dconf-editor” French
> translation uses only single quotes, sadly for me who always type with
> typographic apostrophe. This change I’ve done was to have the same
> apostrophe everywhere in the translation. Should I propose a patch
> that change all apostrophes to typographic apostrophe? What’s the
> current view of the French project?

That’s a perfect example of why you shouldn’t have made your changes in the
first place and reached out to translators instead. We switched to
typographic apostrophe for 3.26. All new strings should already be using
them and we fix them in old strings as we go when working on new strings in
a module. We actually have a translation for dconf-editor currently on
Damned lies which we blocked mid-process because of your changes.

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