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> Isaac wrote:
> [...]
>> I believe that I could were a court to recognize that I owned the copy
>> of software rather than having license it.  Courts in the US don't
>> seem to recognize such a thing.
>  "Other courts have reached the same conclusion: software is sold
>  and not licensed."
>                                -- UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
>                                   CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 
> As for installing on multiple computers, I think that it's totally 
> OK. For example, I can install it on a computer at my home and on 
> another computer at my dacha. The key is that I can't legaly run 
> it simultaneously on multiple computers if I own only one copy. As 
> long as I don't do that, it's all fine and dandy.

While it's true that some courts have decided that, the majority position
seems to be otherwise.  I'm not sure which court decision that line is
from, but I suspect we can find decisions from other district courts
in CA contrary to this one.

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