David Kastrup wrote:
> Alexander Terekhov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > As for installing on multiple computers, I think that it's totally
> > OK. For example, I can install it on a computer at my home and on
> > another computer at my dacha. The key is that I can't legaly run it
> > simultaneously on multiple computers if I own only one copy. As long
> > as I don't do that, it's all fine and dandy.
> Depends on whether the typical "I agree" "license" is of the same
> opinion.  

A contract may impose restrictions and obligations, true.

[... GPL ...]

> so running copies in parallel is ok when you accept the license.  

Accept? So now it's a contract... right, dak?

> The problem I see is that the GPL explains the conditions for 
> copying for the sake of distribution to third parties.  

Some of GPL T&C are conditions for copying. Like "keep intact all the 
notices". Failure to fulfill those conditions results in infringing 
copies (outside the scope of the license). But obligation to provide
access to source code is a covenant, not a condition.

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