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> David Kastrup wrote:
> [... license not a contract ...]
> Only if it's a "license" to do something regulated by
> government. Like a permit to run a public lottery or become a gun
> dealer. Such permits from state are neither contracts nor property
> rights. Moglen and RMS managed to bullshit you into believing that
> software belongs to state and hence is regulated by "license not a
> contract". That may be true in the GNU Republic, but in the rest of
> the world IP licenses (to execise exclusive right protected by IP
> laws; EULAs aside for a moment) are contracts.


    license n. 1) governmental permission to perform a particular act
    (like getting married), conduct a particular business or
    occupation, operate machinery or vehicle after proving ability to
    do so safely, or use property for a certain purpose. 2) the
    certificate that proves one has been granted authority to do
    something under governmental license. 3) a private grant of right
    to use real property for a particular purpose, such as putting on
    a concert. 4) a private grant of the right to use some
    intellectual property such as a patent or musical
    composition. (See: licensee, licensor)

As you can see, you are wrong.  Again.  Too bad.  The meaning of
"license" you refer to above does not exhaust the legal meanings of
that term.  Those are meanings 1&2, but meaning 3&4 are also valid

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