>    The content does not magically jump off the copy.  Accessing
   >    the content of the copy is the sole right of the copy's owner.
   > And since I can leaglly access the content, the GPL jumps into
   > play.

   Your access is limited to what the owner of the copy allows you to
   do with it.

This is illogical.  I'm the owner of my machine, I give you access to
it, by your logic, I do not have to give you the source code for GCC
since you are not the `owner' of the machine.  This is simply not
true.  If you recived the copy of the program, in whatever form,
legally, then you have the right to redistribute if 0) the license
allows you to, 1) you choose to do so.

   > and the employeer cannot stop me.

   Of course he can.  After all, it is _his_ copy.  He determines its

No, the copyright holder determines its use.  The employeer can only
choose either to give me a copy of the program, or not give it.  If he
gives me it, then I can redistribute the program if the license allows
me to.

Your two examples are not of the computer world; you once again
confuse physical property with non-physical property.

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