But you have to be the legal owner to be entitled, under the
   current laws, make any copy. Thus, whatever the license, unless
   you're the lawful owner of the copy, you may not make a copy.

You only have to be in legal _possesion_ of the copy, you do not have
to be the owner of it.

   [...] but it is quite clear that you let your understanding of the
   current reality be clouded by your convictions.

I could say the same thing about you, doesn't mean that it is true for
either of us.  You have continued claiming this, and diverging from
the discssuion; I'd rather have a discussion instead of mud throwing,
which you have tried to turn this into.

I have yet to see a single paragraph from any law codex from you, so
your what you say is equally as valid as what I say.


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