Rex Ballard <> writes:

> On Mar 15, 6:03 pm, RJack <> wrote:
>> Rex Ballard wrote:
>> > And before ANY of that goes to a jury, both sides have to show their
>> >  cards to the Judge and to each other.
>> Before ANY of this even goes to the discovery stage, the defendants
>> will file FRCP Rule 12 Motions to Dismiss challenging the legal
>> enforceability of the GPL contract. Only *after* determining the
>> enforceability of the GPL will the court be in a position to determine
>> what is relevant in its discovery orders. The enforceability of the
>> GPL is a matter of law and is determined by the trier of law (the judge
>> not the jury) hence the repeated language "the license speaks for
>> itself". One thing to watch in the defendant Answers is the language of
>> their defenses.
> The question at issue is whether copyright licenses are valid.

Answer : yes they are. And no amount of whining and freetardery will
change that.
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