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> RJack wrote:
> [...]
>> Bye bye General Public License! Only a complete fucking moron would
>> claim to have written a "General Public" scope license that controls
>> copyrights outside of contractual privity. ROFL.
> "The GPL is the Constitution ..."
> "GNU GPL Version 3: The Law Making Process"
> "FOSS as an independent legal system"

The GPL legally establishes a heterogenuos pool of software.  To do
this, it uses the framework of copyright law.  While it can't change
copyright law, its inventive use of it factually establishes a software
ecosystem governed by different rules than that of software licensed as
isolated pieces.

"Defeating gravity by stacking bricks" would be a similar title.  Only
an utter moron would consider a title like that as a proposal for
antigravity devices.

> Yes, appears like a bunch of complete fucking morons suffering from
> delusions of grandeur.

Good thing you are not a bunch.

David Kastrup
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