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It needs to be complete, and cover all the unusual things people do
occasionally in Texinfo.  That includes use of some raw TeX commands.
If people encounter something in Texinfo sources that the guide does
not cover, they will be stumped.
Here the lists of syntax I use in sphinx that I don't know the translation in texinfo. Also I added a markdown version.
# Here is the same title

There is also subtitles:

## Inline text transformation

This is **bold** this is *italic*. It's still more difficult to type bold.

## No custom blocks

There is no custom blocks outside citation:

> A quote is quote and that there is.
> Chat80

Still you can include code:

(map (cut apply guile all <>) variables)
 Title of the document

Inline styles

**something in bold** is better locking that something in *italic* but it's harder to type.

.. note::

   ~apparently you can not strikethrough~.

.. warning::

   The above is a note, this is a warning text.

.. code:: scheme

   (map (cut apply guile all <>) variables)

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