Andreas Enge <> wrote:
> Here we disagree. GNU is not developed in a cave

Yes, thanks to a RMSʼs wise decision not to mix development of GNU with Church 
of Emacs — a decision you are now trying hard to revise and drive GNU into a 
cave where all contributors have to live on “their own dog food”.

You presumably believe, that a relatively high number of Church of Emacs 
followers among GNU developers is an achievement, that GNU should be proud of.

No, itʼs a shame that GNU is not able to attract a wide range of contributors 
by non-ideological reasons — just like other free and ‘open source’ software 
do.  Much more of a shame than ‘unable to attract women’ of yours¹.

> We have a public role, and whenever we go to conferences or hacker meetings, 
> we get an opportunity to lead by example.
> And I definitely do not need any official validation to do that.

You do not, yet others do? ;-)  Otherwise, why these ‘contracts’?

¹ By the way, it had been mentioned numerous times as a well-known fact, yet no 
any references were cited, is there any?

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