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> By the way, "contract" seems like a misnomer, because a contract is
> a signed-off agreement between two parties (or more) in which they
> exchange something of value; the contract requires a contribution
> from at least two parties.

I found Andreas’ explanation of what is meant by “social contract” and
how it differs from a civil law contract to be clear.  Anyhow, note that
the term is not new and its meaning in English should be unambiguous:


>From WordNet:

  Overview of noun social_contract

  The noun social contract has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts)

  1. (2) social contract -- (an implicit agreement among people that
  results in the organization of society; individual surrenders liberty
  in return for protection)

> A statement of promises to behave in some ways toward some
> group (such as a "community"), who makes no reciprocal promises and
> isn't a party to the document is rather a "pledge", or
> "solemn promise" or such.

“Pledge” is also a good word, though my understanding is that it does
not capture the social commitment that “social contract” entails.


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